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make it your site

We design and build all our websites from scratch to guarantee uniqueness and originality. Our websites come with all the functionality you would expect from a recruitment website and without the limitations that templates websites introduce. 

We give you full design control over every aspect of your website so by the end it's going to look awesome and exactly how you want.

Our design team is a pleasure to work with and they translate your requirements into website designs perfectly. We've worked in the industry a long time which allows us to do this very well.

looking great on all devices

Consideration of recent trends in how people are accessing the internet is critical when developing a new recruiter website or job board. It's important not only for usability but also for search rankings, that, your website functions perfectly on all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile).

Mobile devices account for the majority of internet traffic today and if your site's design does not take this in to consideration then your limping off the starting line.

Our websites are built with a responsive design. This means that the website's layout automatically responds to different screen sizes. Regardless of what device or screen size you're using to view the website it's just going to look great.

easily edit your own content

The reason people come to us is our ability to design and build quality websites with enough hi-tech code under the bonnet to drive the advanced features that recruiters need to stand out. But at the end of the day, you're the ones in the driving seat. That's why our websites all come with a built-in content editor that's a 'piece of cake' to use.

We build our websites with simplicity in mind when it comes to content editing. In the past we've seen too many websites with content editors which are far too complicated to use. What's the point of having a content management system if you cant figure out how to use it and end up going back to your IT guys anyway?

With this in mind we build our websites in a way that makes managing text, images, blog articles and job listings so easy that's it's almost fun to do.

store & share documents 

Do you have lots of documents that you often share with clients and candidates but always wonder where to store these? That and then possibly forgetting where you stored them?

To help you out with this we've built our website's with an integrated media and documents repository for you to store all your files.

Once files are uploaded to your website's document repository you can then share them with anyone you want at a click of a button. Uploaded documents also have a public website address which makes it even easier for your whole team to use, to share and even attach to marketing mail-outs if that's what you need. 

job searching and applications made easy

You're a recruitment company so 9 times out of 10 it goes without saying that your website should have job listings and job application functions available to your candidates. Our website's come with a built in job board so candidates can easily search, browse, and apply to jobs.  

Our search and application functions are incredibly easy to use and designed to improve conversion rates. Not only that but our job listing and landing pages are coded that they will grab the attention of Google and other search engines.

let candidates know as new jobs become available

When a candidate comes to your website and don't find what they're looking for it shouldn't end there. You might usually have many job vacancies that perfectly match their search criteria but the day they visited your site was just bad timing.

To combat this our websites come with built-in automated job email alerts features. How this works is candidates come to your website, fill in their search criteria and email address. Then when you post new jobs matching their criteria they are notified automatically via email. 

A simple and effective lead magnet.

integrated with your ats, multi-job poster or crm

We can integrate with most Applicant Tracking Systems and Customer Relationship Management solutions. This allows us to automatically export job listings and add them to your website. From another point of view we can push applications directly back into your ATS.

These features bring many advantages such as a streamlined workflow by automatically propagating job data, a smooth experience for candidates, a reduction in your manual daily tasks and improving SEO through generated job listing and landing pages.

Check our some of our usual suspects

If you need a website building that integrates with something that's not in our list of usual suspects then this won't be a problem. Let us know about it and we can tell you what is and isn't possible.

improving your search rankings

The best time to make sure a website is 100% compliant with search engines is at the very beginning. Anything less would be shoddy workmanship.

Our websites are built with SEO in mind from the get go and we follow all the latest standards. We build fast websites that work great on all devices and are structured in a way that search engines love.

excellent site performance

We all get annoyed by websites loading slowly. You're probably also aware that this is the main reason why visitors leave your website before even getting to the home page. A slow website is the number one reason most websites have such a high bounce rate. 

Our websites are built with performance in mind. Each and every line of code is optimized to give you a lightning fast website. Stability is built into our website's core to ensure our websites have a flawless up-time. 

To supplement your website's performance, host it on one of our dedicated or cloud servers to enforce its rock solid speed and reliability.

keeping data safe

In today's world it is really important that your data and your customer's data is securely protected. For this reason we ensure that your website complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

We wont bore you with the regulation specifics but just be aware that our websites are built in a way that satisfies GDPR.