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The Importance of Focus Keywords & Phrases | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Tuesday, March 2, 2021

“Focus keywords, yea? What are they?” I hear you ponder internally. Fortunately, the answer is pretty simple. A focus keyword is the word or phrase that you most want a single, specific page to rank for in search results. Read All

What Are Keywords? | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Friday, February 19, 2021

There is probably no term more prominent in the world of SEO than ‘Keyword’. So, what does it mean? Read All

Automate SEO with a Job Board | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Monday, February 8, 2021

As discussed in other parts of this series, building a website consisting of well structured, easy to navigate content based around focus keywords or phrases is an important cornerstone to any onsite SEO effort. Fortunately for recruiters, this aspect of SEO can be automated on a large scale, very easily, with minimal work, thanks to the nature of job boards. Read All

Potential Perils | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I’m going to make a strong statement that might offend a lot of people in the SEO industry or at least make them pull a smirk indicative of being busted, while a few good people will wholeheartedly agree with a touch of disdain for those it refers to… Read All

What Are The Consequences of Dodgy Work? | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Friday, January 15, 2021

As discussed in this series, having bad SEO work done to your site can actually have a negative effect on your website's rankings with search engines, and as such, should be avoided. So what might you need to worry about if you think this has happened to your website? Probably nothing worth crying over, but you could be in for a bit of frustration. Read All

Backlink Building (the Bad Way) | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Monday, December 21, 2020

Backlinks are links to pages on your site that come from other websites. The quantity and quality of your backlinks is a huge factor in how Google ranks you for search results. If you have lots of links from high authority websites then part of that authority will be passed on to your site. A link from an industry relevant magazine's busy and reputable website to a page on yours is excellent for example, while going and spamming your agricultural recruitment site in the comment section of a ‘how to twerk’ blog piece won’t do anything to help. Read All

How To Approach SEO | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Thursday, December 10, 2020

SEO is a big topic, with almost it’s own language formed around it out of lingo and jargon. So it’s easy to understand how one might get overwhelmed or caught up in analysis paralysis when approaching the task. So let’s try and break it down and keep it simple. Read All

What is SEO & Can it Help Me? | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Thursday, November 26, 2020

SEO is a term you hear a lot these days when discussing websites. With a reputation for being a critical ingredient to success in any online endeavour, a reputation that is immensely amplified by the industry of thirsty “professionals” that have popped up around it due to the opportunities to make easy money, doing very little, usually billing clients on a monthly basis. They’ll be an article on the very potential perils of paying someone to do your SEO for you later on in the series, but for now let’s start with the simple questions of ‘What is it?’ and ‘Is it worth my time or money?’ Read All

What are broken links and are you managing them correctly?

Posted On Monday, November 16, 2020

Most people know what a link is. An image or clickable part of text that will deliver you to another page. A staple of the internet since day dot. So, a broken link is obviously a link that will deliver you to a page that no longer exists, maybe never existed or is just the wrong page. This is terrible for user experience, causing lots of frustration, and can even have a huge negative effect on your business if the link is one of importance. Being that search engines index the internet based hugely on site structure, which is inferred using links, it is simple to see that a bad link reflects rather poorly on your website in the eyes of the online omniscience that is Google. Read All

Next generation image formats, what are they and why are they important?

Posted On Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The history of image format use on the internet is quite rich and intricate. Bitmap was the most detailed and high quality that you could get back then, but due to being uncompressed, the size was rarely a viable option for the beige boxes plugged into phone lines to push packets through the wire. Stepping in to fix things at first were JPEG and GIF (pronounced however you want). Read All