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own your website / one-off cost

This package is for recruiters who don't like long contracts and prefer to pay up front. With our one-off cost package you own full intellectual rights to your website.

The benefits of this package are as follows: 

  • You own the rights to your website

    This means that once the website is complete and signed off, you can either choose to have it hosted and managed by us or you can take it away with you any time you like.

  • Full design control

    Our one-off cost package is very flexible. You have full design input over every aspect of the website. This means that by the end you're going to have a website that looks exactly the way you want it to.

  • Limitless custom features

    If you've got some original ideas and want some features that aren't quite the norm then this is the package for you. We can recommend some great tried and tested features but if you have your own ideas then great. We give you full flexibility and can build you anything you need.

recsite design as a service (saas)

We understand lots of companies prefer a subscription model rather than a lump sum payment. This is fine by us. In fact we have a package designed specifically for this. We can build you a website and offer all the same services billed using our software as a service model.

The benefits of this package are as follows:

  • No large up-front costs

    No one likes big up-front costs. If you're a start-up company then this is especially true. Our SaaS model has no large up-front costs making our services affordable for everyone.

  • One simple monthly payment

    Our website design, build, hosting & support services are all bundled into one nice and easy monthly payment. 

  • FREE website after 3 years

    Not only do you get an awesome website but you get a website refresh every three years free of charge. You will never need to worry about your website getting old and dated.

  • Month by month contract

    One of our pet hates is when we come across potential clients who've been tied down to long and expensive contracts. It's unnecessary and we feel its also unfair! Instead, we choose to provide a great service so that our clients can choose to stay.