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Are you using Broadbean Technology ( and wanting a website building that integrates with the popular ATS? Maybe you're a new startup and considering what's the best ATS to use? Either way we have provided a little bit of information about Broadbean Technology. If you're wanting help connecting your website with Broadbean Technology then contact us today for more information.

What is Broadbean Technology?

Broadbean is a web-based recruitment software that simplifies and streamlines the process of job posting in recruitment. It allows companies to use one easily manageable channel to post job adverts across a wide variety of job boards. Broadbean also connects with popular social media platforms, allowing job adverts to be publicised across various internet spaces, rather than limiting adverts to typical job posting sites. Broadbean allows companies to closely track and monitor applications coming in from each and every job board in their use. Additionally, Broadbean Referral allows current company employees to refer qualified friends and acquaintances for job openings.

Who is Broadbean Technology for?

Broadbean Technology is useful for companies of any size looking to hire the best talent on the job market. On average, recruiters for companies that cannot multi-post across job boards and social media spend over half their time crafting and posting adverts to job boards in order to interest the most qualified candidates. Broadbean allows recruiters to drastically cut this time down, posting one job advert simultaneously across a multitude of job boards. The software is applicable to small and mid-size companies looking for a high level of growth, but it is also useful for large-scale companies looking to pull in new talent and stay relevant on the job market. Additionally, Broadbean is an excellent tool for companies looking to widen their social media presence, as it connects social media and job board sites, allowing company job adverts to spread across both internet spaces with the click of a single button.

What are the strengths of Broadbean Technology?

Broadbean’s greatest strength may be the speed and efficiency it brings to the hiring processes of companies across the board. Broadbean significantly cuts down time spent on recruitment, allowing for quick influx of new talent and streamlined output of job postings. Additionally, Broadbean’s referral feature allows current employees to recommend new talent in a streamlined and accessible manner. Broadbean keeps all aspects of recruiting consolidated so that managers can efficiently view applicant profiles in a centralised location, optimising hiring time and minimising wasted time on unsuitable candidates. This software exceeds classic job posting sites and extends to hiring across job boards and social media alike, ensuring the best talent are paired up with the most suitable companies. Additionally, Broadbean’s applicant tracking system performs strongly, narrowing in on the most qualified candidates to ensure company success and satisfaction. Its success speaks volumes in the UK, and is quickly gaining momentum on a global scale.

What are the weaknesses of Broadbean technology?

Because Broadbean technology is web-based rather than cloud-based, its ability to sync across technological interfaces may face limitations. However, Broadbean is able to cross between desktop and mobile devices.

Broadbean Technology Login & AdCourior

Are you already a Broadbean member and wanting a new or existing website connecting to your Broadbean account? You can request more information by filling out the form below. Alternatively you can login to Broadbean adcourior and request more information about integrating a website with your Broadbean account. You can login to Broadbean here by using the Broadbean Login form.

Broadbean Pricing

Broadbean pricing varies from client to client (depending on your requirements). Broadbean doesn't offer too much online information regarding pricing. If you want solid information on Broadbean Pricing we recommend contacting them directly at Broadbean is an international company so prices may vary in your country. The Australian sales team will still be able to advise you on Broadbean UK & Broadbean US prices.

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