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Are you using eBoss (www.ebossrecruitment.com) and wanting a website building that integrates with the popular ATS? Maybe you're a new startup and considering what's the best ATS to use? Either way we have provided a little bit of information about eBoss . If you're wanting help connecting your website with eBoss then contact us today for more information.

About eBoss Recruitment Software

eBoss recruitment software sits at the cutting edge of the industry's software development. Our organisation has consistently led the way on industry standards by introducing advanced features such as smart applicant databasing; faster semantic search; AI-assisted skills matching; and automated lead generation. The eBoss product ranks among the very best for today's agile recruiter. Our intuitive UI offers a rich working environment that integrates smart databasing, powerful search tools, and communications channels for agencies of every size: helping you to improve your performance and your outcomes.

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