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Are you using Entire OnHire (www.entirehr.com.au) and looking to build a website that integrates with Australia’s most complete staffing and labour hire software? Maybe you're a labour hire business shopping around for a more efficient recruitment software? Read on to find out more about Entire OnHire.

Feel free to contact us today if you want any help integrating your website to Entire OnHire.

What is Entire OnHire?

Entire OnHire is the most complete staffing and labour hire platform in Australia. It was designed in Australia for Australian workforce agencies, and this native understanding truly sets it apart. Entire OnHire is a powerful platform which can be customized to your business and has been configured to reflect the unique needs of the industries to which it caters. The current areas covered by the platform include Healthcare, Education, Construction, NDIS and Community, and Hospitality. Entire OnHire covers several processes including candidate portals, shift scheduling, digital infection control, outlook email integration, CV parsing, reference checking, contact tracking, SMS and push notifications.

What are the key features of Entire OnHire?

Entire OnHire is focused on simplifying the recruitment of casual labour by automating the whole candidate lifecycle for agencies. Manage job posts, recruiting, onboarding, shift scheduling, timesheets, award interpretation, payroll and invoicing all within a single modern platform. Unlike most recruitment softwares, Entire OnHire can handle shift scheduling with ease and has mobile apps and client portals that allow true automation of your staffing business, leading to increased profitability in one platform.

Who would benefit most from using Entire OnHire?

Entire OnHire is designed for mid-sized or fast-growing staffing and labour hire companies who want a complete system that streamlines their operations and drives profitability. The system works best for shift-based labour hire, or contract staffing agencies all in one platform. Since scale is a major consideration for Entire clients, it is also a great fit for Enterprise sized businesses looking for an end-to-end software solution for their workforce.

Entire OnHire is focused on driving customer success. The user-friendly interface and mobile apps will have your candidates recommending your agency to their peers. With the use of our software, you can double the size of your candidate pool in a single year, without needing to invest in additional staff.

Entire OnHire helps to reduce manual inputs and repetitive data entry by over 75%! That frees up your staff to focus on higher value tasks that grow your agency and bottom line.

Entire OnHire Login & Account Dashboard

If you’re a current client of Entire OnHire, you can contact our team about rebuilding your website with a direct integration to EntireOnHire. This can be done via the form below or from within your Entire OnHire portal.

Entire OnHire Pricing

Entire OnHire’s pricing is dependent upon the scale of your business and the number of growth modules required. Should you wish to find out how it can work for your business, please book a demo through the website listed below.

More information about Entire OnHire can be found at www.entirehr.com.au

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