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Are you using Login Melon (www.logicmelon.com) and wanting a website building that integrates with the popular ATS? Maybe you're a new startup and considering what's the best ATS to use? Either way we have provided a little bit of information about Login Melon. If you're wanting help connecting your website with Login Melon then contact us today for more information.

What is Login Melon?

LogicMelon is a cloud-based ATS software bridging the gap between job postings and candidate recruitment. This award-winning job posting and candidate management system is more than just a mainstream recruiting system. It offers a great user experience for recruiters matching them with suitable candidates and because of its large seamless integration across the various communication channels, this ATS software is ideal for companies across the spectrum from small start-ups to large multi-sized companies.

icon"What features does LogicMelon provide?

LogicMelon is an award-winning job posting and candidate management system that prides itself in offering bespoke solutions to recruitment and candidate needs. All things recruitment-related are taken care of at LogicMelon from the initial job posting to the analytics and measuring tools., ensuring the right candidate is targetted at the right time across the right channels. So when it comes to candidate attraction, they understand how to maximise on reach and impact by providing you with the best resources to create a tailored candidate attraction solution.

What core functionalities lie at the heart of LogicMelon?

At the heart of LogicMelon lies the three important pedestals from which all of their functionalities branch out: post, manage, report and search. This simple set-up allows for an easy user experience. LogicMelon provides users with all the things they need to post multiple jobs via their preferred boards, as well as manage an engaging candidate experience and help users get to grips with their analytics, costs and ROI tools. This system enables users to post multiple jobs via their preferred boards, as well as to manage an engaging candidate experience. LogicMelon also provides great assistance in getting to grips with analytics, costs and keeping track of budget spend for paid job board ads. The search feature enables companies to streamline the search process by reviewing multiple job boards at one time in a given place.

Who is LogicMelon ideally suited for?

With a 150,000 jobs posted, 1 million applications and 2 million searches, LogicMelon provides ideal solutions tailored to the needs of staffing agencies and HR departments for all companies of varying sizes. At LogicMelon, they understand that attracting and engaging top talent goes further than social success and endless promotion. And so they have teamed up with employer branding specialists 'We Love 9am' to assess every opportunity to attract the right talent from all available platforms, so they can create a media services package that’s tailored to each unique attraction need.

LogicMelon Login & Account Dashboard

Are you already a LogicMelon member and wanting a new or existing website connecting to your LogicMelon account? You can request more information by filling out the form below. Alternatively you can login to LogicMelon and request more information about integrating a website with your LogicMelon account. You can login to LogicMelon here by using the LogicMelon Login form.

LogicMelon Pricing

LogicMelon pricing varies and they're another company who's pricing isn't very transparent online. We know LogicMelon's pricing is very competitive but this can vary from client to client (depending on your requirements). If you want solid information on LogicMelon's Pricing then we recommend contacting them directly at logicmelon.com/contact

More information about LogicMelon can be found at www.logicmelon.com

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