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Are you using turbo (https://www.goturbo.com.au/) and wanting a website building that integrates with the popular ATS? Maybe you're a new startup and considering what's the best ATS to use? Either way we have provided a little bit of information about turbo. If you're wanting help connecting your website with turbo then contact us today for more information.

What is turbo?

turbo’s innovative Talent Acquisition and Applicant Tracking Solution (TAS/ATS) enables HR professionals, recruiters, and people & change teams to streamline the end-to-end recruitment process.

With all the latest features and integrations with popular HR and recruitment tools, turbo is here to help you reduce your hiring costs and find the right candidate sooner.

Not all TAS/ATS’ are created equal. turbo has a rich history in delivering market-leading recruitment software to the Australian and New Zealand markets, offering best-in-class technology customised to your business, no matter the size. With local, expert support, the turbo team partners with you to customise a solution that supports better outcomes for not only your business, but also your clients and candidates.

Talent Acquisition

Remove the headache of sourcing top talent. With turbo, you can post directly to job boards, social media and search engines to reduce costs, increase reach and boost your placement rate. In addition, you can access a wealth of optional features to stand out from the crowd, including microsites that showcase your opportunities and the REACH platform that gives you real-time market insights.

Applicant Screening and Tracking

Streamline and automate your recruitment process with an intelligent system that delivers what it promises. With class-leading features such as status tracking, candidate profile
management, custom workflows and enhanced engagement tools, your team can deliver
results while gaining time back to focus on strategic priorities.

Video Interviewing 

Bring resumes to life, reduce costs and screen candidates faster, anytime, anywhere and on any device with turbo’s in-built, one-way video interviewing platform. Conduct unlimited video interviews, send pre-interview questions, record candidates' live responses and share results with the team to make faster, more informed hiring decisions in a remote world.

Compliance & Onboarding

Put your best foot forward with a bespoke onboarding process. turbo’s unique traffic light workflow integrates compliance on onboarding procedures, allowing centralised management and oversight on a single platform.

More information about turbo can be found at https://www.goturbo.com.au/

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