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Are you using Voyager Recruitment ( and wanting a website building that integrates with the popular ATS / Job Posting Software? Maybe you're a new startup and considering what's the best ATS or Posting Software to use? Either way we have provided a little bit of information about Voyager Recruitment. If you're wanting help connecting your website with Voyager Recruitment then contact us today for more information.

What is Voyager Recruitment?

Voyager is a cloud-based system that aims to simplify day-to-day running of recruitment businesses through the automation of mundane tasks. Recruiters can now concentrate on adding value to their clients’ businesses with ease. Because Voyager Recruitment Software has extensive knowledge in the recruitment business game they understand the complexities of running the cyclical flow of data whilst dealing with clients and placing candidates.

What core functionalities lie at the heart of Voyager Recruitment?

At the heart of Voyger Recruitment Software are the three main pillars- Voyage Infinity, Voyager Commercial and it’s fully fledged range of services set in place to support customers around the clock. Voyager Infinity is the truly connected recruitment software solution for the permanent, contract and long-term temporary recruitment market. Whereas Voyager Commercial combines the power of Voyager Professional (for permanent and contract recruitment) with specialised support for the complex and unique workflows of the highly-competitive temporary and contract market. And when it comes to support services - Voyager Recruitment ranks high. Recent customer satisfaction survey rated Voyager Recruitment with 94% on their overall the services. With extensive experience in the industry – they have a deep understanding around the issues facing consultancy and know how to solve them through four simple strategies: development, integration, customisation and hosting.

What features does Voyager Recruitment provide?

Voyager Recruitment Software offers front line packages that include: Voyager Infinity and Voyager Commercial as well as many customer support services. Once Voyager Infinity is implemented and integrated, it becomes the hub of the organisation with connections to the complementary tools used in today's modern recruitment business. And these features, combined with the inbuilt flexibility, customisation and scalability means Infinity is the right solution for virtually any professional recruiter. And then there are also other front office products offered by Voyager Recruitment which include: iResearch - used to source online talent by bringing the internet into your database and using social and professional networks to spread the net wide. Then, the CV Builder is used to format CVs and front sheets automatically from the database. The job posting feature enables job posts to done quickly and efficiently with a 360 integration to Broadbean. The reporting feature delivers scheduled reports through the comprehensive report suite and the output reporting system to multiple formats including PDF, Excel, HTML and others. Voyager Recruitment also prides itself in offering outstanding support to their customers.

Who is Voyager Recruitment ideally suited for?

Voyager Recruitment has implemented multiple systems in recruitment agencies from large to small, throughout Australia, Asia Pacific, the UK and beyond.

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