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Are you using Zoho Recruit (www.zoho.com/recruit) and wanting a website building that integrates with the popular ATS? Maybe you're a new startup and considering what's the best ATS to use? Either way we have provided a little bit of information about Zoho Recruit. If you're wanting help connecting your website with Zoho Recruit then contact us today for more information.

What is Zoho Recruit?

Zoho Recruit is a web-based recruiting system for small to mid-sized businesses. The software's comprehensive applicant tracking system (ATS) includes resume parsing, automated job board posting, customised company careers pages, resume storage and interview scheduling. And because it is a web-based system, implementation is made simple, by eliminating the cost and maintenance of hardware. This solution integrates with Google applications, such as Google Calendar, to save time and forego the repetitive task of data entry.

What are your key features?

Zoho Recruit offers over 25 specialized applications created to help users collaborate to increase productivity. Some of the many features include: the activities stream which provides a quick snapshot of all the recent activities like updated records, associated candidates, added job openings, sent emails, deleted records amongst other features. Another great feature is the candidate and client contact-sync feature which gives users a quick glance of both the candidate and client contact details on a single screen. And when it comes to increased exposure, Zoho Recruit provides sponsored site listings on Indeed.com. By opting for the sponsored job listing option, jobs will be featured in the Indeed.com search results, which helps users attract more candidates quicker. Zoho Recruit is also integrated with LinkedIn and this feature gives its users a simple, easy-to-use, single-user interface. Another great feature is the resume parser add-on, which enables users to extract candidate details from their system and saves the information directly in your Zoho Recruit account. This feature supports multiple file formats like DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT and HTML to ultimately Increase efficiency and effectiveness. Zoho Recruit offers a basic, free AT tool for one recruiter and up to five jobs. This isn't a robust tool by any means, but it allows users to input, publish, and track jobs, and receive five custom email templates. Finally, this software doesn’t require a long-term contract and users can try out the software for free and later upgrade to Zoho Recruit’s standard package, priced on a month-to-month basis.

Keep in mind that Zoho Recruit SaaS apps are a single sign-on (SSO) and that enables access to Zoho Recruit’s CRM, email and productivity apps, all within one piece of software. All of the tools available are fully integrated, which is especially useful for recruitment firms whose leads and prospects eventually turn into clients that need to be serviced through this tool. For in-house candidates, importing candidate resumes from Zoho Mail is as easy as clicking a button.

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses associated with using Zoho Recruit?

GetApp is a ranking system and the list highlights the top 25 apps in different categories. Zoho Recruit ranked #3 out of 25 on the GetApp rankings list, scoring 73/100 overall. Key performance areas include: high reviews, integration across platforms and strong use of media. Areas for improvement where Zoho Recruit scored lower in include security, mobile and reviews. And whilst some believe that Zoho Recruit offers great value for money and integrates well with a Zoho Recruit CRM, others feel that initially start up is rather time consuming, but once the time is invested, it works wonders. The greatest feature is the fact that this ATS offers a free trial for those interested in testing out the features first.

What are people saying about you?

Some feedback from users includes:
“The automation is great and if you are a professional recruiter, there are very neat features.”
“I will recommend this app for recruitment with my eyes closed. Its simply amazing.”
“Easy to use and usefully organised. I like the fact that that it includes access to Indeed.com and we are able to send emails and cc interested parties. Very useful if you are a recruitment company or if you spend a lot of time recruiting staff.”

Zoho Recruit Login & Account Dashboard

Are you already a Zoho Recruit member and wanting a new or existing website connecting to your Zoho Recruit account? You can request more information by filling out the form below. Alternatively you can login to Zoho Recruit and request more information about integrating a website with your Zoho Recruit account. You can login to Zoho Recruit here by using the Zoho Recruit Login form.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

Zoho Recruit pricing varies from year to year so instead of keeping this up to date here is a link to the Zoho Recruit Pricing page.

More information about Zoho Recruit can be found at www.zoho.com/recruit

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