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5 Insanely Easy Tips For Recruitment Automation

Posted On Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Author: Jelina Rosin (Content Specialist)

You can't deny -- the recruiting game is fierce. You need to know all about recruitment automation to be able to keep up.

That's why this blog post will share with you five insanely easy ways that you can implement recruitment automation and streamline your process! Not only will this make it faster for you, but it'll actually be more cost-effective, too!

Read on for all the details and get started right away!

Recruitment Automation Tip 1 - Sort Applicants Into Groups Faster With "Hotlisting".

The "hotlisting" function will automatically sort your applicants into groups based on their responses. It'll tell you which applicants have made a decision to take the quiz, which applicants took it but have not yet responded, and which applicants have not yet taken the quiz.

To do this, we highly suggest using the Zapier service. This will allow you to create all your necessary connection points between your applications and the services you need to track. For example, if you are using CreateApp, then you can have the tool automatically send out an email with a personalized message if [the exam] was taken with CreateApp.

Recruitment Automation Tip 2 - Send A Thank You Email After Applying.

This is a really simple way to give your applicants the impression that you are grateful for them taking the time to apply for your position. By automatically sending a thank you email after applying, you can show them that you appreciate their interest in the job and make sure they get one last push to complete the application process.

Recruitment Automation Tip 3 – Applicants Who Haven't Responded.

This is a really great way to ensure you don't lose candidates who are still interested in the job but just haven't had time to respond yet. We always recommend sending a few follow-up emails to ensure that your candidates get the message and to keep them informed of any new developments with the recruitment process.

Tools like can make this process much easier. For your example, you could have the tool automatically send out a reminder email to the applicant if they haven't responded in a certain amount of time.

Recruitment Automation Tip 4 - Add New Applicants To Your Database.

If you are recruiting with a tool like Linkedin Jobs, then it'll be really easy to keep track of who you've screened and interviewed with. However, if you're not using tools like this, then it's still very simple to keep track of who's a part of the process and who isn't.

All you have to do is create a spreadsheet and list each candidate by their name and the date they applied. Unlike other spreadsheets, you can use this one to have rows that are only written once. This makes it super simple to add new applicants to your database and keep track of who has been and should be seen.

Recruitment Automation Tip 5 - Track Your Recruitment Metrics Easily.

You have likely heard that you need to gauge the success of your recruitment efforts from a few key metrics. By tracking these metrics, you'll be able to see how many of your applicants are converting to applicants, how many are converting to hires, etc.

Recruitment does not need to be a complicated process. It's a lot easier to implement recruitment automation when you have all the right tools. Follow these tips to start automating today!