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Breaking the Chains of Creative Confinement in the Recruiting Design Universe

Posted On Friday, February 16, 2024

Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

Ever found yourself scrolling through design wonders and suddenly feeling like your creative mojo is stuck in a black hole while your peers are soaring through galaxies of innovation? We've all been there. It's like hitting a creative 'glass ceiling.' But fret not, my design-savvy comrades! Let's delve into the cosmic reasons behind these roadblocks and discover how to blast past the limits of your design skills in the recruitment universe.

Cosmic Stagnation: Staring into the Creative Abyss

Picture this: you're floating in the vast galaxy of design, and suddenly, everything feels a bit, well, monotonous. The culprit? Staring at the same constellations of design wonders. It's like being in a spaceship with a broken warp drive, destined to orbit the same creative planets.

Solution: Broaden your design horizons. Dive into uncharted territories of design, explore alien genres, and let inspiration beam into your brain like a creative thunderstorm. Who knows, the next stellar idea might be hidden in the cosmic wonders of natural phenomena or the quirky pages of an old Sky Mall catalogue.

Design Doldrums The Sad Saga of Bad Design

Admit it – gazing at poorly designed spaceships (or anything else) can be downright depressing. It's like navigating through a galaxy of mediocrity. Your enthusiasm wanes, and suddenly, you're questioning your cosmic purpose as a designer.

Solution: Seek out the stars of design brilliance. Surround yourself with celestial beings creating extraordinary work. Humans are social creatures, and we tend to mimic what we see. Immerse yourself in a constellation of awe-inspiring designs, and watch your creative energy return like a cosmic comet.

Taste Buds in Space: When Good Taste Goes Rogue

Ever felt your taste in design is the reason your work feels like a bland meteorite? Ira Glass hit the nail on the head – your taste is your cosmic guide. If it's not up to par, your work might disappoint you.

Solution: Escape your comfort spaceship. Challenge your taste buds by exploring the unknown galaxies of design. Even if you stumble upon design black holes, the journey itself improves your taste radar. By finding design anomalies, your taste evolves, and suddenly, you're navigating the cosmic design space like a seasoned astronaut.

Unlocking the Cosmic Code: The Secret to Originality

Ready for the cosmic revelation? The key to originality doesn't lie within the confines of design constellations. Instead, it orbits around activities completely unrelated to design. Travel, read, paint, cook – engage in cosmic diversions.

Solution: When you're not at your design workstation, your brain is still in hyperdrive, contemplating creative puzzles. It's like a background download. Breaks from the cosmic mission recharge your creative neurons. When you return, your brain, much like a space explorer, unveils new solutions from the creative cosmos.


In the vast universe of recruitment design, don't let your spaceship be tethered to the mundane. Break free from the gravitational pull of creative limitations. Explore the cosmic wonders beyond design, and let your creativity orbit uncharted territories. The next design supernova might be just a cosmic diversion away! So, fellow designers, launch into the unknown and redefine the celestial landscape of recruiting design.

Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

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