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Dazzling Diamonds: Navigating Recruitment's Twin Peaks of Design and Innovative Frameworks

Posted On Monday, December 4, 2023

Author: Donna Watson (Technical Support Administrator)

Hey there, fellow creative minds and design enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the thrilling world of design, and we've got a gem for you – the dazzling Double Diamond Design! Picture this: a design journey that sparkles like a diamond, but guess what? It's a double delight!

So, what's this Double Diamond Design all about? Well, it's not your average bling; it's a magical process used by both design maestros and non-design folks to conjure up solutions for the trickiest problems. The Brit Design Council studied design-savvy giants like Microsoft, unraveling a pattern of four key steps: Discovery, Definition, Development, and Delivery. These steps, dressed in divergent and convergent thinking, form the dazzling duo – hence, the Double Diamond!

Let's take a stroll through this glittering design journey, shall we?

Act One: Discovery

Imagine you're a detective on a mission! Your goal in the Discovery stage is to gather intel – user insights, market trends, you name it. Dive deep, collect data, and create a brainstorming haven. Picture a room filled with minds buzzing with wild ideas – because, you never know, the craziest notions might just be the key to stardom.

Now, put on your user shoes. Walk, run, or even dance in them! The secret? Focus on what users need and how they behave. It's like becoming a design Sherlock, solving the mystery of user satisfaction!

Act Two: Definition

Lights, camera, action! The Definition stage is where the magic starts to crystallize. Use convergent thinking to sift through ideas, pinpointing the golden nuggets. What are the main problems? Rank them, like a design VIP list, ensuring the most critical issues take center stage.

Consider your resources – the budget, the roadmap, and even the vibes in the air. It's a delicate dance between creativity and feasibility. Oh, and don't forget the corporate nod – a persuasive pitch can make your design dreams take flight!

Act Three: Development

Cue the drumroll – it's showtime! In the Development stage, the design process transforms into a masterpiece. Unleash your creativity with wireframes and prototypes. But here's the twist – it's a team effort! Product managers, designers, developers – everyone's invited to the party. Together, they craft a symphony of design, ensuring each department's dreams harmonize.

And don't forget the project management dance. Track progress, manage resources, and keep the creative chaos in check. Think of it as your design GPS guiding you through uncharted territories!

Act Four: Delivery

The grand finale! Virgin Atlantic Airways calls it Implementation, Microsoft prefers Maintain, and Starbucks? They dub it the Production District. Whatever the name, it's the climax where the design leaps from the drawing board to reality.

Final tests, releases, and a dash of compatibility checks – it's like a design Olympics. But wait, it's not over! Post-release, create a feedback arena. Let users share their thoughts; it's the secret sauce for constant improvement and a standing ovation from your audience.

Encore: Framework for Innovation

Now, here's the plot twist – the Double Diamond's 2.0 version, a Framework for Innovation! Released in 2019, it's the remix that adds more layers to the design symphony.

Four Design Principles:

  1. Be People-Centered: Understand your users' hearts and minds.
  2. Communicate (Visually and Inclusively): Share your inspirations with the world.
  3. Collaborate and Co-Create: Teamwork makes the dream work.
  4. Iterate, Iterate, and Iterate: Keep evolving; it's the secret to user happiness.

Methods Bank:

Explore, Shape, Build – a toolkit to explore challenges, shape prototypes, and build dreams.

Culture of Success:

Leadership and engagement – the magic potion for organizational collaboration. Encourage innovation, skills, and a sprinkle of experimentation.

And there you have it, a design saga told through the sparkly lens of the Double Diamond – a tale of discovery, definition, development, and delivery, sprinkled with innovation magic. But, a word of advice – let the Double Diamond be your guide, not your cage. Creativity is a wild beast; sometimes, it thrives in chaos. So, design wizards, embrace the sparkle, dance with the chaos, and let your creativity shine!