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Dive into the Marvels of Design: A Joyous Exploration of Architecture and UI/UX Magic in the Recruitment Realm

Posted On Monday, January 15, 2024

Author: Philip Sampson (Account Director)

Design, a realm both subjective and enchanting, casts its spell with purpose and flair. Take a whimsical journey through the evolving tapestry of design, where the rhythmic dance of intentionality, contextuality, and subjectivity paints a vivid landscape, much like a bustling metropolis.

In this captivating adventure, we embark on a thrilling exploration inspired by the world of urban planning, where the echoes of architectural brilliance resonate through centuries. Imagine the vibrant cityscape of Chicago, where the ACE industry (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) weaves tales of skyscrapers, innovation, and the birth of the Chicago School architectural style.

The skyscraper, a majestic creation born out of necessity, dances with the winds of change post the Great Chicago Fire. Here, the landscape transforms as developers and visionaries yearn to build up, not out, sculpting the birthplace of the skyscraper phenomenon. As we unravel the secrets of the Chicago School, its regal stone facades and open floorplates become symbols of triumph over limitations.

Now, you may wonder, what does this architectural saga have to do with the realm of product design, especially in the vibrant world of recruitment? Fear not, for this enchanting tale draws parallels to the magic wielded by UI/UX designers in crafting delightful user experiences.

Enter the three pillars of design wonder: Subjectivity, Contextuality, and Intentionality.


In the mystical realm of product design, subjectivity reigns supreme. It's not merely about aesthetics; it's about understanding the unique identities users bring to their digital sojourns. Just as age, gender, and hobbies influence the perception of a physical space, the digital landscape beckons designers to weave experiences that resonate with diverse personas. It's a dance of malleability and flexibility, ensuring designs cater to the myriad ways users interpret and engage with the enchanted realms of apps and technologies.


Behold the dance of contextuality, where the gravitational pull of design elements shapes the narrative. Much like physical structures influence urban landscapes, digital products echo this gravitational dance. Choices in design systems reflect contextual needs, creating a symphony of common elements that define the product's unique identity. Consider this as the regional contextuality of digital experiences, where shared context and common elements blend seamlessly to create a user journey that is distinctly its own.


As the curtain rises on intentionality, designers become architects of a better tomorrow. The ethical code echoes a profound "Do No Harm," urging designers to pursue the enrichment of users and the environment. It's the purposeful recentering of design as a force for good, steering clear of harm, deception, or alienation. Digital designers become the stewards of positive change, actively seeking out blind spots and gaps to weave intentional designs that uplift rather than harm.

Now, as the digital realm mirrors the grandeur of city planning, digital designers find themselves at a crossroads. The consequences of bad design are no mere trifles; they carry weight, impact, and consequences. Just as physical design is meticulously tested and researched, the digital landscape demands the same level of attention. Whether you're crafting a banking app, a sleek landing page, or a medical tracking solution, the stakes are high, and every pixel holds the power to shape lives.

In the whimsical universe of recruitment, where UI/UX magicians conjure digital wonders, the three pillars stand tall. So, dear designers, as you weave the tapestry of recruitment experiences, how are you embracing the magic of subjectivity, contextuality, and intentionality? Are you conducting spells of user testing, anticipating the needs of the confused, and ensuring your digital creations are beacons of enchantment in the lives of your users? The journey of a designer is a sacred one, a quest for magic in every pixel, and in this realm, you hold the wand to shape the future of recruitment wonders.

Author: Philip Sampson (Account Director)

Over 4 years account management experience, working with developers, recruiters, marketers and pretty much anyone in the recruitment business that wants to connect. 


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