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Gaining Feedback from Candidates

Posted On Saturday, February 2, 2019

Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

Due to how competitive the recruitment industry has become, it is imperative that the agents frequently relate with their candidates. To assist your agency in achieving its goals, improve the service and ensure that candidates are impressed by the recruitment process, considering candidates’ feedback can be helpful.

A way by which a company can improve its interaction with the candidates (recruited or not) is by requesting for feedback. Job seekers are often well informed in terms of available job vacancies and choices of available companies. Due to shrewd candidates, there is a need for companies to step up their games and always aim at improving the way they engage the candidates, as well as impress them.

The question is then on how agents can interact with candidates to ensure they get feedback on services provided, and below is our resolution:


A very good way of engaging the candidates is through a survey, and it can be carried out according to a particular working process and its phases. You can for instance, ask recruited candidates about their views on the recruitment process and their newly acquired job.

You can also ask questions from those that were not employed so as to know the way the agents are managing the process. It provides an opportunity to know what can be done to improve subsequent processes. Do the agents tell candidates if they happen not to be chosen at all? To avoid severing relationships, it is important to carry out the rejection process smoothly and politely. The candidates may not have been recruited, but the company might just have the perfect job for them next time.


Distribute cards for candidates to fill after the initial screening process, enquiring their view concerning the service provided, what can be done to improve it, and the things that can be added. It is a good way to interact with new candidates.


This has to do with the agents. There is a need for each of them to have a LinkedIn account about themselves which will include their position in the company. Many candidates search these details before the screening. Unavailability of any details about the agents, or a bad profile with an unprofessional photo for instance, can portray the company and the agent wrongly.

Instead of just merely reaching out to the candidates, the agents will be more successful with an impressive profile enhanced by the recruits’ endorsement. The agents need to pick the endorsements of the best candidates as this can be more advantageous.


Does your recruitment company have a page on the social media? Encourage candidates to comment on the page if there is any. You can also stage a competition monthly to motivate them to give feedback.

Presenting a good impression will encourage your candidates to keep coming, having confidence in your company and the agents. Though the feedback might not be all positive, it can help the company to improve on its treatment of candidates.


Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

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