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Get Google to notice your Recruitment Website

Posted On Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

The number of recruitment websites available is mind-blowing. If you have a recruitment website, the next big question is “How do I get my website easily noticed via Google search engine?”

The solution is pretty easy – Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This article highlights simple tips to increasing your site’s visibility on Google.


What are the potential keywords that clients can use to find you? You should first think about that and then try to incorporate those keywords into your page description, chapters and titles. Use a selection across your website to capture a wider variety of searches and streamline yourself to one or two keywords in each page.


Google would usually try to detect user’s location and tailor search results to detected location. You should use this to your advantage – try to incorporate location into your URL or keywords so that Google finds you easy.

Page Titles and Descriptions

Endeavor to give a description and a title to each of the pages on your site. Google considers your title as a summary of your content. Therefore if your keyword (which should highlight your main theme) is incorporated into your title, users in search of your content material would find it easier to see your site.

Be unique

Google detects plagiarism very easily, so if your site contains sentences or clause that are frequently repeated word-for-word you are most likely going to be at the bottom of the search results. Try to be unique in your site content.


Encourage people to link back to your site especially people from a ‘prestigious’ website link. This affects how Google rates your site. So if you have those already loyal to your site, encourage them to refer your site link and you can benefit from an improved SEO.

Regular updates

If there is always fresh information on your site, there is a higher probability that clients would want to keep coming back for updates. Fresh updates would also get Google’s attention. Even if you don’t have new jobs to post, you could write articles related to recruitment just to keep the site always fresh.

Ignore fake “solution providers”

If you have to invite an external help to get your site more visible, ensure that it is legit and if the rates are “just too good”, then you just might want to hold on a little. Those companies that keep sending mails about how they would increase you SEO overnight are an obvious scam and would only succeed in getting you penalized for substandard SEO attempts.

Social media

Get on social media; tell everyone (or at least almost everyone) on your social media about your site. This would definitely get more people viewing your site. Find how to maximize social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to advertise your site.

Keep tabs with current developments.

Google continually makes adjustments to SEO in order to make more relevant results come up from searches. Reading up information from SEO blogs (some of which are Search Engine Watch, SEOmoz, and Search Engine Land) could help you know the latest adjustment and keep rhythm with it.

Relax and let Google do its thing

Don’t become so focused on getting Google to notice you till it becomes an obsession. Relax and while you enjoy feeding your site with relevant information. Google would naturally find you.


Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

10 Years+ experience building software, job boards, and websites for the recruitment industry.

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