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Google Snippets. What are they and why they are important?

Posted On Monday, March 9, 2020

Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

When browsing through Google have you ever came across listings that contain extra information making them stand out a lot more? In some cases, you may have noticed listings containing rating stars, single listings containing more than one link back to their website.


The most common thing you may have noticed is when searching for a company in Google, the company that you are searching for has a full profile that pretty much takes up the whole of the right side of Google. This contains information such as a company logo, contact details, company summary, office addresses, social profiles etc.

If you’ve noticed this then I am sure you’ve asked yourself how could I get my company listed there? The answer to your question is ‘Google Snippets’ also known as ‘Structured Data’.

Why adding ‘structured data’ to your website is important?

The simple answer is your website will get a lot more traffic. Google listings containing a company profile, rating stars, or any other structured data for that matter simply stand out more than standard listings and gets more clicks.

How easy is it to add ‘structured data’ to your website?

It’s not difficult at all. That said though, this will probably require work from your development team. I won’t get too technical but in a nutshell your website html code just needs structuring in a specific way that makes it easy for Google to read. This involves adding a few extra tags which Google is on the lookout for (very simple for a web developer). You can find more information regarding this here.

Google For Jobs – Keep an eye out for our next article

Following on from this article is a closer look at Google for jobs. What is it and how do we get Google to add your jobs to their job search engine? A quick tip is we also do this using ‘structured data’. There will be more on this later in the month.


Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

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