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How a Career Site Can Improve Your Candidate Experience

Posted On Thursday, May 16, 2019

Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

Job seekers in today’s high-tech, data-driven world are constantly visiting websites in search of valuable information. Companies looking to provide their candidates with a positive experience should consider adding a career site.

Your career site is your introduction to the candidate. What does it say about your company? Are you progressive? Is your site easy to navigate by offering a mobile-friendly application process? Is it helpful? Does it give new employees everything they need to succeed in their role? (i.e., access to the company handbook, policies and procedures, training and development resources, payroll and benefits, etc.

The candidate experience includes all of the interactions a job seeker has with your company (electronic, online, in person, etc.) throughout the entire recruiting process. A positive candidate experience can improve recruiting success since it can express the tone, expectation, and culture of the company, thus giving job seekers the opportunity to make informed decisions about their fit for the position.

The easiest part of the candidate experience you can control is the website. If developed properly, your career site can provide candidates with insight into your company expectations for the job and work environment. It will give them all of the employment details and resources they need from the application process to smoothly transitioning into new employees.

A positive candidate experience is all about communicating value. In doing so, both the candidate and the company wins.

The Benefits of a Positive Candidate Experience

The most important benefit of a positive candidate experience is attracting more candidates. Job seekers appreciate a quality career site, one that allows them to find information readily, apply easily, and obtain insight to the company that will help them make informed decisions about open positions. And it all begins with an engaging, informative, and responsive career site.

More traffic to your website strengthens your company’s visibility and ranking. Increasing your ranking will allow you to reach the most qualified talent. By providing candidates with what they need throughout the hiring process, you help create a process that’s likely to yield more qualified candidates, and hopefully the best candidates for your job offers.

A Seamless Application Experience

Job seekers want the candidate experience to be simple and convenient. Include features like keyword search tools and position callouts, making it easier for potential candidates to review your available jobs. Once a job seeker finds a job that’s right for them, your career site should also allow them to apply directly, whether on a mobile device, desktop or laptop. A mobile-optimised career site will allow job seekers to easily engage with your human resources department no matter what device they’re using. This functionality will significantly improve your candidate experience.

So, if you were wondering where your company should invest its resources to ensure a positive candidate experience, an effective and engaging career site is your answer. A career site provides job seekers with the information they are looking for: details about your company’s mission and values, culture, work environment and social causes that your candidates care about. It should share these details in an engaging way so that they are easily understood. By providing your candidates with the employment information they need, you create a positive and engaging experience that encourages them to apply to your posting.


Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

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