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How a Compelling Career Site Can Increase Top Talent

Posted On Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

If your company has an outdated career site, you could be missing out on recruiting top talent to fill your positions. With a compelling career site, you’re more likely to engage top talent by increasing the interest of job seekers.

What is a Compelling Career Site?

Job seekers today expect career sites to provide them with information on the company with elements like culture, company values, and a glimpse into the work environment of every day. A compelling career site will outline examples of what the company culture is through its copy. For example, if your company sponsors a community-based event where employees volunteer time to support a cause, job seekers can get a feel for the environment. Also, industry acknowledgements, rankings, or ratings are important features to provide interest for job seekers. For some job seekers, working for a company that has a prestigious industry ranking is an attractive prospect. This would garner more attention. Following these suggestions, your career site can provide top talent with the information they need to make informed decisions.

How to Does a Compelling Career Site Translate into Top Talent?

Companies without a career site or with a career site that does not engage well with job seekers aren’t reaching the top talent that they could. Today’s job seekers use Google to search for their ideal career opportunities. If your career site doesn’t feature keywords, key phrases, and meta tags leading to your job postings, then your site is not appearing first in the top talent searches.

A compelling career site will keep job seekers engaged. New content in the form of success stories, white papers, news and events, op eds, and corporate social responsibility articles are great ways to keep job seekers interested in the company. It’s also a great way of gaining visibility and staying actively engaged in Google’s algorithms. High traffic, high engagement sites get pushed to the top of Google’s search platform.

Turn job seekers into employees by keeping the application process simple, easy, and responsive. By giving top candidates all the information they need to make an informed decision about your company, the tools they need to apply, and a reason to stay engaged, you increase your chances of recruiting top talent.

Long-Term Benefits

Developing a compelling career site has long-term benefits. High turnover or high position vacancies impact a company’s bottom line. Having a steady flow of high potential candidates will help create stability and consistency in your company, by managing workload, hitting department/company goals, and improving company morale.

One way to look at it is: in order to win the game, you’ve got to get on the court. A compelling career site is an ideal way to generate interest from top talent. The more traffic your career site experiences, the more candidates apply, and the better chance you have of being selective in your job placement efforts. Invest in a world-class career site. It will pay off in dividends in the long run.


Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

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