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Navigating the Recruitment Maze: When to Drop That Creative Idea

Posted On Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Author: Donna Watson (Technical Support Administrator)

Alright, fellow recruiters and job seekers, let's face it. We've all been there, procrastinating our dreams and dodging action with a million excuses. We're too busy, not ready, or maybe just not feeling it today. But hey, sometimes those excuses are legit. Sometimes, it's genuinely time to hit the brakes on an idea that's bound for failure. The trick is figuring out if you're genuinely on a road to nowhere or just stalling.

Diving into Deliberation

In almost everything, having a thoughtful process before leaping is as essential as wearing your best interview attire. Planning is the secret sauce for ensuring success.

Just like you wouldn't dash onto a stage without a speech, diving headfirst into a project without a plan is a no-no. Take a moment to reflect. Is your idea half-baked? Is it the A-game solution to your recruitment puzzle? If you're the type to dive in headfirst and think later, slow down and visualize the finish line. Pretend you've already achieved your goal.

What does that look like? What have you achieved? How does your client react? If reality doesn't match your daydream, it's time for a reevaluation.

Taking the Plunge

This is where many of us stumble. You've planned and prepped, convinced your project is golden, but you can't seem to start. It's like having the perfect outfit but feeling like your shoes don't match.

Here's the secret sauce – set deadlines for action. Even if you haven't sorted everything, getting something out there and gathering feedback is the way to go. If you're stuck making decisions, talk more with your client or even their target audience. Get that feedback and tweak as you go.

Market testing on the fly helps you plan and act simultaneously. You don't need 100% readiness; you learn more by doing than by endless planning.

Should You Quit When You Don't Succeed?

In a word, yes. Success often walks hand in hand with failure. To be a consistent winner, you need the wisdom to know when to abandon a sinking ship.

Maybe unforeseen complications arose, or you've lost interest. Recognize when it's time to drop an idea that's not working. It's just as crucial to decide what you genuinely want to work on as it is to choose to work.

You don't want mediocre results from a half-hearted project after investing months or years. It's better to admit a quick failure when you see one.

If you can't meet your minimum daily goals, it's time for a hard deadline and self-evaluation. If you haven't made significant progress within a few weeks, admit whether you genuinely want to finish this. Sometimes the answer is "no," and that's okay. Set a concrete goal and make the decision. If it doesn't happen, it's time to move on and try something else.

A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, all you need is a new view. Persistence is vital for completing a project, especially personal ones that might not pay off for years.

If you're feeling burnt out but are determined, look at it from a different angle. Maybe some trusted feedback or a day of brainstorming will breathe new life into your work. A fresh perspective can rekindle your enthusiasm and keep your recruitment journey exciting and fruitful.