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Taking Advantage of Social Media

Posted On Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

Taking control and advantage of social media marketing and content can aid in the speedy growth of your customer base. But the truth remains that as a beginner with little or no experience could be very challenging.

It is very important that you get familiar with the basics of social media marketing. Starting from exploiting quality to growing your online entry points, carefully following these 10 laws puts you in the position of successfully building a foundation that will satisfy your customers, serve your brand and especially your bottom line.


The Law of Listening
One of the essential ingredients of successful social media marketing is listening. Pay rapt attention to what your target customers say about your products. Create an interactive forum for constant rapprochement between you and your target audience. Building a two-way communication channel is the best way to build the platform for valuable content creation.     

The Law of Focus.
Being a specialist in a particular niche grants a higher probability of success than attempting to be a jack of all trades. Successful content creators focus on the brand at which they have a comparative advantage over others. 

The Law of Quality
Focusing on the quality of your contents rather than the quantity is a sure way of attracting and maintaining a valuable relationship.   

The Law of Patience
As applicable to all other endeavors in life, achieving success in social media marketing requires extraordinary patience. The unwavering patience needed by the farmer from the time of cultivation to the point of harvest must be applied by the social media marketer.  

The Law of Compounding
This is an offshoot of The Law of Quality. Like the Law of Compound Interest, creating and sharing a good content attract the attention of followers from various media platforms. It also boosts the chances of your content to become the favorite of search engines

The Law of Influence
Leveraging the influence of some powerful social media users who garner impressive support is a sure way of gaining acceptance and approval for your products and services. Connect with people of high personality and build on their goodwill to sell to your potential customers.    

The Law of Value
The habit of advertising your brand or products too frequently can make your audience lose interest in your content. So, focus on the quality of your publication much more than the quantity.  

The Law of Acknowledgment
A major aim of social media marketing is building relationships to reach your target audience. Note that relationships are not built on a one-way route. So, it is incumbent on you to acknowledge and appreciate every communication made by your audience.  

The Law of Accessibility
Social media marketing is nurtured and sustained trough interaction. To build a relationship, you need to socialize and interact constantly with your audience. Respond swiftly to contributions and comments made by your followers. Being accessible helps maintain a long-term relationship.       

The Law of Reciprocity
To initiate and sustain a long term friendship, you have to reciprocate the gestures made by your audience. Share posts made by your Face book friends and re-tweet the posts made by your tweeter followers.


Author: David Armitage (Technical Director)

10 Years+ experience building software, job boards, and websites for the recruitment industry.

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