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The CMS Carnival: When Software Becomes a Rollercoaster of Quirks

Posted On Monday, March 11, 2024

Author: Philip Sampson (Account Director)

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the thrilling world of Content Management Systems (CMS)! These virtual theme parks promise the wonders of website creation, but beware – not every ride is a smooth journey. Join me in this circus of digital design as we explore the five pitfalls no CMS should subject its users to. In the heart of the recruitment industry's quest for the perfect online presence, these quirks can turn the CMS carnival into a wild rollercoaster.

Code Catastrophes: The Time-Warp Markup Circus

Roll back the years as we encounter CMS content editors stuck in a time warp! Picture a CMS editor clinging to outdated practices, like using tables for layouts and styling text with HTML font tags. It's a markup circus straight out of 1995! A CMS should be a reliable partner, generating clean, accessible code aligned with web standards. Antiquated techniques? No thank you! We want our websites to be a spectacle, not a nostalgia trip.

Dashboard Disarray: The Cluttered Carnival Tent

Step into the chaotic carnival tent of CMS dashboards! Just like a cluttered desk stifles creativity, a cluttered dashboard dampens the web designer's spirit. Take WordPress, for instance – its dashboard starts sleek but quickly transforms into a jungle of themes and plugins. Notifications pop up like carnival games, challenging users to navigate through the maze. It's time for a CMS to master the art of minimalism and let users customize without feeling lost in the circus of distractions.

Content Hostage Situation: The CMS Escape Room

Imagine your content stuck in a CMS escape room – you built it there, but now you want out! Proprietary systems can be the worst offenders, holding content hostage with limited export options. The circus should be fun, not a struggle to liberate your content. Whether you're switching platforms or staging your site, content portability is the key to a stress-free CMS escape.

Stability Tightrope: Feature Frenzy vs. Stability

Balance is everything on the CMS tightrope! While features dazzle like acrobats, stability is the net that ensures no website falls. CMS software should evolve, but not at the expense of stability. Big changes might break the circus act if not executed with care. A CMS must embrace new features cautiously, minimizing the risk of turning the whole show into a chaotic freefall.

Silent Circus: The Communication Conundrum

The CMS circus is a two-way street – communication is the tentpole. Users crave features, but they need to know about them. CMS developers, in turn, need user insights to steer the development circus. But, oh, communication is a demanding act – documentation, user support, and community building are no small feats. A CMS must master the art of dialogue, or the circus might lose its audience.

Choosing the CMS Circus Wisely

In the grand spectacle of the CMS circus, the audience, our users, holds the final verdict. A CMS's success hinges on fulfilling user needs and creating a vibrant, interactive space. The best CMS acts empower users to craft accessible content, prioritize stability over flashy but risky features, and provide seamless content portability. Communication is the glue that holds the circus together.

As you embark on your CMS journey, remember: not every CMS is cut out for the big top. Some may dazzle briefly but fade into obscurity. Choose wisely, and may your CMS circus be a triumphant showcase of digital wonders!

Author: Philip Sampson (Account Director)

Over 4 years account management experience, working with developers, recruiters, marketers and pretty much anyone in the recruitment business that wants to connect. 


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