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The Future of Virtual Reality In Recruitment

Posted On Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Author: Jelina Rosin (Content Specialist)

The rise of VR technology provides a unique opportunity for recruiters to engage with future candidates in an immersive manner. VR is still in the early stages of development, and its effectiveness as a recruitment tool is yet to be fully realized. Still, it has already shown that it can help parties involved in job application processes.

Tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Sony and others have begun using virtual reality as a recruitment tool. 

Some companies even offering to pay candidates for their time involved in the application process. Recruiters can also benefit from this technology. It enables them to understand their applications better, how best to present ideas to the candidate and what sort of atmosphere would suit them best.

As computers become more advanced and internet speeds increase, virtual reality will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. This technology will also be crucial in enhancing the recruiting process, whether through creating an entirely new recruitment process or simply by deepening and improving existing processes and perhaps even creating new ones.

VR Between Recruiters and Candidates

The advent of virtual reality has already seen some recruiters use VR to help with their applications. By using this method, recruiters can get a first-hand impression of how a candidate would respond to an idea in question or what sort of atmosphere they would like to work in.

 Whether it is in a business setting or a more personal environment such as a home, the use of VR can help provide candidates and recruiters with an insight into how they would work together. Recruiters will also be able to present their ideas more engagingly, and recruiters will be able to train themselves further by practicing with virtual candidates.

VR and Staff Recruitment

The opportunities that VR offers in recruitment extend beyond the use of the technology by applicants themselves. According to a study carried out by the Employment Law Advisory Services, 43% of companies that employ VR use it to help introduce new members to their existing teams.

Digital agencies could create a simulation based on the candidates' experience and use this for their team to get an insight into how they would work together and how they would adapt to different working conditions. Virtual reality can also allow for a deeper understanding of candidates and help assess other people on different teams.

Employers may be able to create virtual simulations or scenarios that test candidates in different areas. Recruiters can design an entire new recruitment process through virtual reality. The candidate is faced with many different scenarios and challenges, all of which have a unique end goal.

VR and Employment Training

The use of VR could also be useful for training purposes and could help existing employees and new ones. This technology can make training much more effective by allowing people to go through a learning process without risk or commit themselves to any situation that may cause them harm.

The ability of virtual reality to immerse someone into a virtual space could prove useful in a range of different sectors and offer many different opportunities. This technology could be used in safety applications, with VR simulations designed for construction workers, firefighters, police officers, and many others.

For new employees, training through simulations would also save time and money for the employer. 

Such technology could also be used to train employees in different skills and educate them about legal or business practices through the use of scenarios.

VR and Recruitment Events

As well as helping throughout the recruitment process, VR could also be used to make recruitment events more engaging. According to a study carried out by IBM, 85% of senior business leaders believe that virtual reality will transform recruitment processes and events in the future.

Virtual recruiters are a growing breed of recruitment experts who utilise virtual reality technology to help their roles. The use of VR within the recruitment sector is still in its infancy and is constantly evolving, but so long as it continues to develop, it certainly looks set for a bright future.