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Unique Content | SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Posted On Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Author: Philip Sampson (Account Director)

Recruiters do have something to seriously consider with their website in regards to SEO, and that is the fact that a large amount of your content will be considered duplicate content, not unique to your page. Google likes unique. You see, when you publish your jobs from your ATS, you not only do so on your own website, but also the gigantic job boards. By doing so, you unfortunately diminish the SEO effects the job listing has on your own site alone. It still gives you opportunities for listing pages and custom formatted, well written page tags, but the job title and description will be less effective. To counter this, we have to look for unique content opportunities and excel there.

As well, if we allow our website to grow to consist of mostly duplicate content then our website will be seen as of little value to netizens as a whole by search engines. This is why it is critical we should try to maintain a healthy majority of unique content on our website.

Fortunately, there are enough ways to do this. Here are a few…

Job Listing Pages

If left alone to be merely a structured listing of positions you have open, then these pages will begin to just fill with the duplicate content from the ATS published job titles and descriptions. But, we can also add some custom text to the page, strategically using heading tags and paragraph text to reinforce focus and secondary keywords, bulking out the page with unique content. Our meta data for these pages can also be unique, so look at getting the pages focus key phrase in the title and in the description. Dot a couple secondary key phrases in the meta-description too for good measure.


Blogging is excellent and every business should be doing it regularly, not just for SEO, but for building authority, brand recognition and most importantly, an audience in your industry. In the keyword planning article, I found that if I typed in ‘labouring jobs sydney’ then one of the Google search autocomplete suggestions was ‘labouring jobs sydney backpackers’, suggesting it is a highly searched term. I then suggested writing an article called ‘The 5 Best Labouring Jobs in Sydney for Backpackers’ which would give you lots of opportunity to appeal to that search term with good optimisation and then help other pages with good linking. Blogging is by far the best way to keep your site unique content heavy too, as well as building authority with your audience.

Candidate Section

We may be pushing all of our job content out to the behemoths, but we aren’t sending them our candidates! Having a ‘Top Candidates’ section or even ‘Candidate Search’ function on your website allows you ample opportunity, with pages that are completely unique to your site, to focus on a vast array of keywords with links out to your job sections, sending authority that way. This also offers opportunities to attract and impress potential clients. Winning!

Specialist Pages

These are individual pages on your site that go into detail about the work you do in a specific industry, or area of. This can be aimed at candidates, clients or both, and gives you opportunity to add more pages to your site that focus on keywords or phrases your agency values a lot. A company that focuses on construction could have different pages for different sub-niches like ‘labouring’. Whereas a general recruitment agency could include pages for the industries they cover and, if they wanted to do a real proper job of it, have subpages under the industry pages for things like the labouring example above. Of course, you should be using these pages to link out to other focus keyword relevant pages on your site like job category sections on your job boards and related blog articles to spread the SEO benefits of these around.

These are just a few ideas. Got a couple yourself that you would want to run by a well-versed mind on the matter? Get in contact and we’d love to hear what you’re thinking and give you some feedback on the matter.


Author: Philip Sampson (Account Director)

Over 4 years account management experience, working with developers, recruiters, marketers and pretty much anyone in the recruitment business that wants to connect. 


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