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Unlocking the Secrets to Stellar Recruitment: A Playful Guide to Crafting Irresistible Landing Pages

Posted On Friday, December 8, 2023

Author: Philip Sampson (Account Director)

Landing pages, the rockstars of websites! Like a recruitment handshake, they greet visitors, woo them with charm, and convince them to take the plunge. Dive into this recruitment rollercoaster as we unravel the magic behind creating a landing page that not only captures attention but leaves a lasting impression.

Imagine landing pages as the VIP lounge for potential hires, separate from the bustling main website. It's not just any page; it's a magnetic force designed to sway visitors into joining your talent squad.

Why the hype about landing pages?

These dynamic pages hold the key to driving traffic, boosting SEO, and building your employer brand. They play maestro, guiding candidates to explore specific roles, services, and enticing them to take action. A well-crafted landing page can be your golden ticket to conversion success.

The Recruitment Playbook: Crafting Landing Pages That Sizzle


1. Define Your Recruiting Goal

Landing pages thrive on goals. Whether it's enticing top-tier talent, promoting job openings, or showcasing your company culture, clarity is king. Know your goal, and the design elements will follow suit.

2. Create a Visual Symphony

Think visual hierarchy – a choreography of elements that dance in a visual order. Highlight what matters most – job openings, company perks, or the irresistible culture. A well-orchestrated design is not just visually appealing but effortlessly guides the candidate.

3. Compose Captivating Copy

Move over, design – text takes the spotlight! Compelling landing page text is the secret sauce to conversion success. Craft a headline that grabs attention, outline the perks of joining your team, and keep it simple – no jargon jungle allowed.

4. Craft a Click-Worthy CTA Button

The Call to Action (CTA) is the landing page's star performer. Make it specific, make it snappy. Instead of the generic 'Learn More,' go for 'Explore Opportunities' or 'Join the Adventure.' Let your CTA shine and beckon candidates to take the plunge.

5. Picture This: Selecting Striking Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in recruitment. Showcase your team, work culture, and office vibes. Real photos connect emotionally, adding a personal touch. Make your landing page a visual feast, and watch the conversion curtain rise.

6. Choreograph with a Single-Column Design

Studies say centered, single-column designs steal the recruitment show. Start with a template, drag and drop text and visuals, and voila! Keep the design consistent with your brand – a seamless experience for potential hires.

7. Mobile-Friendly Magic

Cue the mobile takeover! Optimize your landing page for mobile devices – the recruitment world is on the move. A mobile-friendly design ensures candidates can explore opportunities seamlessly, no matter where they are.

8. The Final Act: Check Before You Go Live

Before the grand reveal, give your landing page a final once-over. Spot typos, ensure SEO optimization, and, most importantly, be the visitor. Is anything missing? Is the message crystal clear? A perfect landing is all in the details.

9. Encore: Test and Optimize

Recruitment is an ongoing performance. A/B test different elements – headlines, CTAs, images. What resonates with one may not with another. Keep refining until your landing page steals the recruitment spotlight.

Landing Page Extravaganza: Recruitment Edition

  • Codecademy's Classy CTA

Codecademy's landing page is a lesson in elegance. White space reigns supreme, directing focus to essential elements. Bold pops of color add flair without overwhelming – a recruitment class act.

  • DoorDash's Driver Delight

DoorDash delivers a driver-focused landing page with clarity. Bold headings, clear benefits, and a simple CTA – a recipe for driver recruitment success.

  • Mockplus: Design Delivered

Mockplus showcases its prowess with a landing page that balances text, video, and imagery. A visual feast, it brings the product to life, enticing potential users to explore further.

  • Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Heartstrings

ARK's landing page tugs at heartstrings with animated vector art and a heart-shaped cursor. A delightful experience, inviting visitors to contribute to kindness.

  • Asana's Product Manager Spotlight

Asana targets product managers with a landing page tailored to their needs. Bold headlines, a vibrant CTA, and a free trial offer – a recipe for product management recruitment triumph.

Landing pages, the unsung heroes of recruitment, now take center stage. Armed with this guide and inspired by the recruitment landing page maestros, go forth and create a recruitment symphony that resonates with talent far and wide.

Author: Philip Sampson (Account Director)

Over 4 years account management experience, working with developers, recruiters, marketers and pretty much anyone in the recruitment business that wants to connect. 


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